At TeleCentrics, we are able to create and spearhead a variety of Marketing, Advertising and Sales campaigns that drive lucrative new business to your doorstep in a matter of days. With extensive experience in traditional and new media marketing, we harness the power of technology and creativity to penetrate untapped markets and expand your overall market share.

Lead Generation
Our lead generation services will boost sales and increase your campaign ROI in short order. We handle high volume, live leads for countless product lines across a wide range of industries. Many of our competitors merely offer stale leads, previously sold to multiple clients. We specialize in the live transfer of warm leads – informed prospects who are ready to make a purchase with the guidance of your sales staff. TeleCentrics manages the Planning, Design and Deployment of the following lead generation techniques.

Pay-Per-Call (PPC) – We drive telephone calls from prospective clients to your call center so that your sales staff can qualify prospects and sell your company’s products and services. You have the opportunity to make every call count because our proven marketing methodologies generate high-value inquiries from quality prospects.

Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) – Based on the criteria you provide, TeleCentrics is able to deliver highly qualified leads to your sales team, allowing them to do what they do best – close deals and generate revenue. We guarantee fresh, exclusive leads to each of our clients. In other words, while less reputable firms might resell the same tired leads to multiple clients, we will never sell one of your leads to any of your competitors.

 Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) – We are able to design a powerful marketing campaign where you only pay for those leads that convert to actual sales. With one of the highest close ratios of any marketing firm in the nation, TeleCentrics CPS campaigns deliver immediate results and offer the highest value for your marketing dollar.

Sales Conversion
TeleCentrics is of the leading national call center companies in processing and closing in-bound sales for a multitude of nationally recognized brands.  Through our dedicated Sales, Quality Assurance, Training and Technology professionals, our conversion rates are amongst the best in the industry.

Customer Acquisition
An industry leader in promotion and sales of nationally recognized consumer products, we target Residential and Commercial customers on a local and national levels.  Receiving in-bound telephone and internet leads, we market and sales brand products and services.
Our expertise is in creating mass consumer interest on a Local and National level utilizing a blended fusion of offline and online proprietary technology and advertising including:

  • • Print Publications
  • • Search Engine Marketing
  • • Online Advertising
  • • Web Site
  • • Referral
  • • Content & Community


Today’s marketplace is vast and complex, with more marketing channels than ever before. At TeleCentrics, we understand that in order to flourish, modern companies must engage a wide range of marketing media. We’re experts at reaching consumers across multiple platforms – internet, television, radio and print – utilizing innovative technology and classical marketing techniques to expand your market share and help you business succeed.
We have developed an implementation methodology to meet and exceed our marketing and sales deliverables. The following is our proven, phased approach to project deployment:

Discovery – Determination of your overall business goals.

Needs Assessment – Comprehensive exploration of your company’s business model to gain a solid understanding of your current and future sales and marketing needs.

Solution Design – Creation of a customized solution to meet your objectives.

Proof-of-Concept – Testing and confirmation of the recommended solution (if needed).

Implementation – Full-scale deployment of the prescribed solution.
Training – Coaching and training to ensure enduring success.

Support & Customization – Ongoing guidance and fine-tuning to adapt to a dynamic marketplace.

Traditional Media –TeleCentrics will help you determine the most effective avenues to reach new customers and establish a loyal client base. We create brochures, direct mail campaigns, flyers, billboard advertisements, radio spots and television commercials. Wherever lucrative new business abounds, we will design and implement a campaign to reach your target market.

Sales Consulting

Looking for a strategic partner to guide your sales and marketing efforts?  TeleCentrics brings years of experience to the table across a wide range of industries. We’ve helped nationally recognized brands nurture and manage unique product lines throughout every stage of the product life cycle. Whether you’re looking to establish a presence in a previously untapped market or working to expand your market share, TeleCentrics will help you design a comprehensive sales, marketing and advertising strategy that delivers results.